How To Use Our Emulsified Body Scrubs
Our traditional oil-based scrub is emulsified. This means it is thick and pasty and less likely to leak from containers when shipped. It also means you may be unfamiliar with this type of texture as it is far different from oily, commercial scrub products. This product needs to be applied to damp (wet) skin to work effectively. Some scrubs, like our Brown Sugar Scrub and Sea Salt Scrub can be customized with a fragrance of your choice. They can also be used "as is" if you prefer a fragrance-free product. 

NEVER add water to the container to thin this product as it will render the preservative ineffective and cause bacterial/microbial growth. Our emulsified scrubs rinse clean without an oily residue. Because our scrubs are emulsified, they will begin to break down when applied to wet skin. By rinsing with water, the scrub will liquify and disintegrate before washing down the drain. The emulsifiers break down the oils and make them water-soluble meaning no oily residue on your skin or in your tub/shower. Clean up is a cinch and most will not require additional cleansers or moisturizer after use.

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